About Us

My father said: "Ling's father is a "big boss” because they can afford to eat a full meal of rice everyday".

My father also said that he never had a full meal before the age of 23! When he was young, he raised cattle in exchange for a small monthly wage, "A bag of mixed grains". On pay day, my father carefully put those grains into a smaller bag and gave them to my grandma. Grandma then divided that bag into more than 15 small portions and cooked each portion in a small bucket of water. The whole family survived by this thin congee mix (little bits of rice with lots of water and boiled, it becomes like soup) and root vegetables. As you can imagine, to be able to provide a full meal for our family, was my father's biggest dream.

When my father turned 48 years old, we immigrated to the United States. Both my parents took jobs as dishwashers. Maybe my classmates and our neighbors looked down on us. But for my parents, one day's pay was enough to buy a 50lb bag of rice. Now we can afford to have 100 full meals from one day's pay. This is our blessing.

As time goes by, the meaning of "Big Boss" have different standards. It's not just a person who appreciates the delicacy of a bowl of rice.

Welcome to our restaurant, enjoy our tasty gourmet creations and be your own "Big Boss".

Any questions please call us.